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Mission Statement

Deerness Park Medical Group

“ Committed to providing Better Health & Better life for our Patients”

Our mission is to improve the health and well being of patients through the provision of high quality, readily accessible, General Practice services and to provide support to our Partners within the community.

Vision and Values

  • Empower Patients to take control & make decisions about their own care
  • Ensure that patients have a positive experience of the care we provide
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of our patients
  • Ensure our patients have Safe and timely access to all NHS services
  • Ensure effective clinical decision making
  • No decision about me without me

Our Underpinning objectives are

For our patients and our community we will:
1. Provide high-quality, safe and person-centred care;
2. Deliver sustainable, appropriate and high-performing services; and
3. Build on existing partnerships and create new ones to deliver better care.

For our staff we will:
4. Support and develop our staff;
5. Manage our money wisely, foster innovation and become more efficient to improve quality of care
6. Provide an infrastructure to support delivery.